Health measures taken against the Covid-19 epidemic

Access to vehicles and protection against Covid-19

  • The access to coaches will only be through the central door, the front door remains locked.
  • The first raw of seats behind the driver as well as the guide’s seat have to stay condemned.
  • Masks are mandatory on board coaches for driver, children of 5 years old minimum and adults.
  • Some hydroalcoholic gel will be available.

Restrictions imposed

  • Cleaning of points of contact with a viricidal product will be done after passengers’ alight.
  • Each evening, vehicles will be fully cleaned and disinfected.
  • Drivers will have their own stock of disposable gloves to be changed between each client or disinfectant wipes will be used for luggage handles.
  • Air conditioning will be used at low flow.
  • A natural ventilation will be put in place, either a window or a roof hatch open to renew the air permanently.