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Hire a Coach for a School Trip

Teachers or school Heads – would you like to organise a trip with your students? Hiring a coach for the occasion makes this project unique in every way. RTS Monaco will support you with your project and provide you with its expertise in organising transport for school trips and outings.

Hire a coach for customised travel

Based on specifications established in advance, we do everything possible to meet your request to the full. You therefore benefit from customised transport. Travelling in an RTS Monaco coach means that you enjoy flexible, safe travel. You decide on the most suitable starting-point, ensuring that your group boards the coach in safety. For example, setting off from your school premises enables you to gather your students together more easily than in a public place. Then, RTS Monaco enables you to plan the itinerary you require, in line with your aims. You can specify various stopping-points on your journey – this flexibility is made possible by drivers who are at your service to assist you with your project. Our drivers ensure that you arrive at a safe place, making it easier to supervise your students when they leave the coach.

Hire a comfortable coach for a more enjoyable trip

RTS Monaco offers you a comfortable, convivial trip. Our coaches are equipped with everything necessary to ensure that your students travel in peace and quiet. Some models have reclining seats, a video screen and air conditioning. Every coach in the RTS Monaco fleet offers you the best. In addition, together, your students are more attentive to your explanations and instructions. Our coach is entirely at your service; it's your space. You can enjoy peace of mind and can adapt your programme to suit your needs. By putting your trust in RTS Monaco for your school trip, you are opting for one of the most economical choices. With a large passenger capacity, our coaches enable you to significantly reduce the cost of transport per person, which is less expensive than a train or plane ticket.

RTS Monaco is the privileged partner of your school trip project, putting a fleet of coaches and qualified staff at your disposal and ensuring flexibility, safety, comfort, a friendly atmosphere and control of your budget.